Juvia starts the girl time that have a bath and you may appears to feel extremely cheerful

Juvia starts the girl time that have a bath and you may appears to feel extremely cheerful

Just like the she exits this lady apartment, she matches Erza, Wendy and you the adult hub may Carla. You to are expected concerning reason for the lady joyfulness, she demonstrates to you which might have been 413 weeks as she fulfilled Gray. Wendy and you can Carla fail to discover this lady, however, Erza appears to be trapped from inside the Juvia’s excitement and you can suggests that Juvia offer Grey a present to mark that it celebration. Whether or not Juvia has an interest from the candidate, she has not a clue what to bring Grey, so she decides to query the other female in the dormitory for their thoughts.

Just after asking the brand new view of your almost every other lady throughout the dormitory, she ultimately on the guild and ask this new viewpoint of your own people in brand new guild. Juvia score offer

Natsu Takes a community [ ]

People Natsu and you will Makarov Dreyar, according to the keen leadership off Happy, is actually forgotten regarding Clover Canyon if you’re attempting to return in order to Magnolia Area.

They remain examining up to it come across a community. At first he could be keen, because they envision there is certainly dinner truth be told there. However,, because they head to the community, it discover that it’s completely blank. The fresh new house incorporate fresh eating inside, however, zero population are about. This will make them suspicious of one’s surroundings, and you may Erza purchases men and women to analyze rather than reach your food regardless of what tasty they appear. Very first, even in the event, she chooses to upload Natsu, Gray, Delighted and you may Lucy to gather particular mushrooms. They actually do thus, although during the it, it eat certain.

Filler Event [ ]

This means that, some mushrooms grow out of Gray’s and you may Natsu’s minds. The two people having mushrooms on the minds laugh then argue if you find yourself Happier takes you to also, ultimately causing an excellent mushroom to expand away from his lead also. Lucy after that observe given that mushrooms on their heads seem to be providing larger. Throughout the borders of one’s Town, it hear muffled whining musical. Gray’s and Natsu’s mushrooms decrease, however, Happy’s does not. They come back to brand new town, and you can, after they walk-in, the floor begins to get noticed. The fresh new home begin swinging too, and you will Happier believes he or she is waving from the him. It climb increased cliff disregarding this new village and to see the fresh new properties suddenly turn out to be beasts. Minutes later, it learn that this is within a well known fact a lengthy blocked Magic called Alive, that is with the capacity of flipping inanimate object to the life creatures. They also consider that seams they saw before have facts a secret Circle you to triggered the fresh activation of your own beast. The newest village ended up being most likely a dark Guild’s village due to the fact of your own level of Phenomenal Equipment it provides (which Erza got used in a missing prior to) in addition to their access to Taboo Magic. But not, they lay these types of facts away and even though centering on into truth your giants are live, Natsu, Grey and you can Erza attack, thinking they are able to eat it. Happier plus duels having a tiny beast couch. Erza slices a few of their parts, Natsu injury them and you can Grey freezes him or her, following each of them taste the latest beast. However, the newest creatures all of the taste extremely gross and you can although not hungry they might getting, the brand new beasts is something that they don’t eat. In the event that beasts restructure, the team goes on its episodes. This time around, Lucy summons Taurus and you may she matches as well. Once some blows, a disturbance observe, and another Wonders network are triggered. This time, all of them precipitate in it.

Far later on, he or she is seen nonetheless in one piece, taking walks and famished. They unearthed that new beast was basically a whole village loaded with people that had been Bought out because of the giants it composed. Makarov had generated the fresh villagers hope to never manage one hazardous Miracle Community once more and they can be thankful it has already been undone. not, whenever asked how it are undone, he informed them there is no need to sweating from the info. Erza candidates that it was Makarov which signed brand new circle and you may annulled new Control, but the guy won’t prove it. While they remain its trip, one to keywords are read: “We have been however eager!” [80]