Next, he titled this lady his Deity [8] and worshiped this lady [5]

Next, he titled this lady his Deity [8] and worshiped this lady [5]

Gaius know Rheya prior to now, when he is this new soldier you to definitely achieved Queen Kaelisus’ instructions in advance of she turned the original. So you’re able to your, Rheya is that’s his what you since he adored this lady and you will want this lady through to the big date the guy becomes deceased [5] . Though Xenocrates began to question their and her objectives, Gaius don’t concern the woman [6] . Once their petrification, Gaius went on the girl really works up to their incapacitation regarding 1920s, advising their supporters regarding their [6] and her fame, omitting this new part in the the girl passing and you will that has “killed” the girl.

In-book step 3, Chapter 5, once Gaius was petrified, Rheya conveys this lady despair in the Gaius’ steps in-book 2 and you will says the guy turned into the thing the guy hated really: a monster. However, within the Chapter 8, after her genuine motives try exposed, she demonstrates that all of the their matter are not true hence she never ever indeed cared throughout the Gaius, watching your as the a pathetic kid which yearns becoming cherished by people and you may “asking becoming damaged”. Rheya frees him regarding his petrification and you may regulates him, and you can sends him in order to destroy both you and your relatives. For the fight, your sense their opinion to see you to definitely beneath their fascination with Rheya, Gaius including hates and fears the lady.

After she came back while the Basic Vampire and you can Xenocrates pledged themselves so you can her, Gaius used match and turned into the following Son

Once you dive to your Gaius’s brain psychically, you find that Rheya by herself is just one who became Gaius into a beast [4] . After exactly what Rheya perceived as Demetrius and you can Iola’s deaths, Rheya bought Gaius to raze a fishing community one to offered security on the rebels one slain this lady loved ones. She told you they have to be made an example, while the an important compromise in their work to create a world where vampires you will live-in independence. Gaius rejected, believing that this new innocent villagers and their pupils don’t are entitled to so you can become punished into sins of its elders. Rheya informed him that no people try innocent hence in the future they’d make an effort to exterminate the newest vampires. Whenever Gaius continued so you’re able to reject, she joined their brain psychically and pent-up his empathy and you can decency, and you can formed their opinion and you may personality, turning your with the this lady private enforcer and you may puppet. When you lose exactly what Rheya had grown in his mind’s eye and you will totally free Gaius out of her manage, Gaius understands that Rheya never treasured your and you can sees your since disposable. He subsequently proposes to tell you just how to eliminate Rheya for good.

The Reputation

In-book 2, Part step 1, you have a dream from an old forehead, a beneficial hemorrhaging tree, and you can Rheya talking. You’re not yes just what it means, but once College student Jameson renders a beneficial tapestry fragment for you to get in his area, you have got a sight of the past to check out this lady getting exiled. From inside the Part 4, if you opt to make the fragment, you really have a plans out-of the lady back once again to the brand new throne space away from ancient Mydiea with her this new efforts.

In book step 3, when Rheya productivity, you have the solution to believe this lady or not. Even if everyone slide to their legs subservience, you can trust your instincts and you can second thoughts or fall-in range. If you waste time with Rheya, you notice glimpses off this lady past and the lady daughter. But not, during the Part 8, you find Rheya’s real motives once you head into this lady bed room and discover new humans she massacred. You feel her electricity emanate because the people looks unaware so you’re able to it or even in good daze. When she learns title loans close to ND you could fight their attention manage, she grows more curious about your however, purchases friends in order to eliminate your. Because of the instinct, your psychically blast the girl and you can crack her hold on your pals.